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Oyster Boost
Its Effect on Blood Circulation


Our blood vessels use nitric oxide to remain dilated so that our blood can flow through them more easily and efficiently.

Oyster Boost
  is a premium formula that contains nutrients that support healthy arteries, veins and circulation, as well as promoting and supporting healthy sexual functions. The organs such as the heart, brain and sex organs demand optimal efficient blood flow to function well. 


Oyster Boost may improve blood circulation in the lungs and thus increase oxygen supply to the rest of the body. This improved blood circulation speeds up delivery of nutrients and oxygen to every cell. This circulative effect helps improve athletes’ performance (anti-anoxia effect) and prevent altitude anoxia. 


The circulative effect helps to enhance the elasticity of vessels and ensures a better and smoother blood flow. This may help prevent thrombosis and hence reduce incidences of cardiovascular disease. 


Oyster Boost may help increase blood supply to the brain which helps improve memory and learning ability. 


Due to its strong effects on peripheral blood circulation (which promotes blood circulation and stimulates menstrual discharge as indicated in Chinese medicine), this helps any old injured tissues adhering together to be removed and hence alleviates or relieves pains caused by the injuries.  

However, one may experience pains of increased levels of pain during the initial stage of Oyster Boost  consumption. This is due to the removal of injured tissues and no special care is required. The pains should go away naturally after 1-2 days and the primary affliction will be alleviated or relieved

This affects those suffering from migraine, arthritis, lumbago, backaches, leg aches and other muscular pains. Any recurring pains may also reduce or disappear with continued consumption of Oyster Boost.