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Oyster Boost  is a safe product. However, you are advised NOT to consume the product if you suffer from shellfish allergy.



Neither the information presented in this website nor the product Oyster Boost can guarantee a cure for any disease or medical challenge.


This is health-related information and food supplement(s), and not professional medical advice. The information is general and only as current as of the moment they were written. This information and product have not been evaluated by the FDA. The information and the product(s) are not meant for you to self-diagnose, or self-treat your erectile dysfunction challenge, impotence, low libido, or any other specific health issue. This is what qualified, licensed health-care professionals and medical doctors are for. If you use this information and product(s) to self-diagnose, and self-treat, please be advised that the owners of this website, its company, directors, associates, distributors, affiliates and partners disclaim and deny any responsibility for the results.

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You, the reader.

The following information concerns nutritional and food supplements, studies and treatment protocol suggestions. Medical advice can only be given by a (licensed) healthcare professional who has had the chance to personally observe you, and understands your, issue, or objective.

The information presented here talks about health issues and disease in general, for a ‘statistical’ user, not you as a specific user, and is not referring to your particular healthcare issue. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ruled that only a healthcare professional can diagnose a medical problem – and, from their perspective, that may include you, the person who actually has the problem. Unless otherwise stated, the FDA does not approve this information.


Therefore, this information, and any products presented along with it, should be used only to inform yourself about available choices in conjunction with consultation of a healthcare professional. In the event you choose not to consult with a healthcare profession and self-diagnose and/or self-treat using this information and/or these products, neither this website, its owners, promoters, manufacturers, partners, distributors, affiliates, can, nor will, assume any responsibilities for the results.


No matter what testimonials say, no matter what studies say, no matter what opinion says, even the most benign product that 99.999 times out of 100 produces great results, may have rare, negative consequences for you personally and the product promoters assume no responsibility for any reason and to any extent because we are not health care professionals and we do not know your complete medical history nor is the information presented intended to be a diagnosis or treatment plan for YOUR health problem.


We urge you to implement any treatment program discussed here only after consultation with a licensed healthcare professional who monitors your condition while under treatment. However, as an adult, you have the lawful right to buy this product from us, whether or not you have consulted a licensed healthcare professional, and we have the right to sell it to you. However, by virtue of this warning and disclaimer, you may not hold us responsible for any adverse effects you suffer, and you may not look to us to indemnify you from your own decision to use this food supplement and this information without checking with your (licensed) healthcare professional.



Nutritional and food supplements, while usually benign, can produce adverse reactions in some people. Nutritional and food supplements can interact adversely with other supplements and with prescription drugs, or can make prescription drugs in effective, or may boost their potency. As with prescribed drugs, long-term effects from supplements are often unknown.


Women who are pregnant or nursing, should discontinue all supplements except as directed by their healthcare professionals. Parents should not provide supplements to their children or teens except after consultation with their healthcare provider.


Never exceed the recommended dosage on the container unless under the supervision and direction of your healthcare provider.


If you observe adverse effects, stop taking the supplement immediately, and contact your healthcare provider.


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