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                     An Effective Solution for
Male Erectile Dysfunction
                     & Prostate Enlargement

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oyster boost oysters erectile dysfunction impotence    Oyster Boost

   A Food Supplement made from fresh oysters.
   Utterly Fantastic for

 Erectile Dysfunction in Men/Male Impotence
      Helps you attain stiff, hard erections naturally.
  Maintaining Prostate Gland Health (essential for erections)
       Helps with Prostate Gland Enlargement problems.
  Developing strong libido

  Good blood circulation - essential for erectile health
Natural source of zinc - helps prevent erectile dysfunction

                                                                   Functional Actions

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    Oyster Boost is a food supplement made from 
    fresh oysters.

    The real benefits of Oyster Boost:

         Peptides & Polypeptides
   These essential bio-available ingredients contained in fresh oysters

   called peptides and polypeptides give Oyster Boost that edge over

   other similar food supplements.

    1 kg fresh oysters - meat 
         (about 40 fresh oysters) in 1 dose
   There is 1 (one) kilogram of fresh oysters (meat) excluding shells
   is used to produce a 1-weekly recommended maintenance dose of
   2 capsules of Oyster Boost. That is about 40 medium fresh oysters.

   Scientific Process extracts peptides to preserve their 
         bio -availability
   The fresh oysters undergo a highly advanced scientific
   process to extract these desired polypeptides and preserve their

    Consuming 40 fresh oysters may not get the bio-available
      peptides absorbed into your body

   If you were to eat 1 kg of fresh oysters in one sitting, you would
   not get all the precious nutrients. This is because most of the    

   bio-available polypeptides decompose within 2 hours after the 
   oysters die.

   Additionally, the fresh oysters that you consume need to make the         hazadous journey through the stomach and survive the attack of the

   digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid in the stomach before they

   arrive further down the digestive tract to be absorbed into your body.

    Oyster Boost powder manufacture process preserves the 

         peptides for absorption 

   The advanced manufacturing process preserves these bio-available

   peptides and polypeptides to survive the hydrolysis process of 

   digestive enzymes and stomach acids, so you get to absorb the
recious peptides when they arrive lower down your digestive tract.

   The functional actions of Oyster Boost Powder

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