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The functions of peptides / polypeptides

Help promote sex hormones, including estrogen, progesterone
    and testosterone which are peptide-based.

Are a carrier and transporting tool that deliver nutrients to all
parts of the body.

Help build and repair the body and muscles. 
Act as a neuron-transmitter in the body that supports the
nervous system.

Promote and regulate the body’s physiological functions and

Have specific biological functions that are useful in the prevention
    of thrombosis, hyper-lipidemia and hypertension.

Have anti-ageing and anti-fatigue effects due to anti-oxidant

Promote body immunity. Help fight virus, bacteria, parasites, yeast. 
Promote a healthier gastrointestinal function: They help in the
    absorption of
protein, vitamins, amino acids, calcium, iron, zinc,
selenium, magnesium, copper, and other trace elements.

Help promote the health of the heart.  

Where, and on whom, these peptides may be

used effectively.

People with digestive orders who are unable to eat.  
People who exercise a lot, and who expend extreme physical
    strength. These people need to supplement nitrogen from time to
    time. However, their intestines and stomach may not be able
    to support this.
Elderly people whose digestive systems have started to deteriorate,
    and infants whose digestive systems have not developed fully.
Those who lack appetite.  
People who are recovering after surgery.  
People who suffer from irregular intestinal and stomach functions
    brought about by pesticides, chemicals, drugs, etc.
Mentally depressed people.  
Over-exhausted people and those suffering from chronic fatigue.

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