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Zinc and the Erectile Dysfunction Connection

At around 30-40 years of age, many men begin to experience a gradual decrease in sexual desire and performance. There are many factors contributing to this – stress, bad lifestyle, environmental toxins and pollution, radiation, chemically laden, processed and GM foods, smoking, secondary smoke, recreational drugs, excessive alcoholic consumption, lack on bio-available organic minerals and vitamins, and a whole host of other factors.


A lack of organic zinc in the diet is one factor that may contribute to diminishing libido: insufficient zinc may lead to male hyperplasia and atrophy of the testes. One of the early symptoms of a decline in libido is an impairment in the sense of taste. A lack of organic zinc also contributes to this taste impairment.


Compounded with a deficient diet, excessive consumption of alcohol also causes zinc deficiency in the body. Alcohol obstructs the absorption of zinc by the body. 


A healthy adult requires 15mg of zinc daily. However, organic zinc can only be fully absorbed and utilized by the body only if it is replenished on time.

Oysters are rich in organic zinc. Every 100g of oyster contains 47.8mg of organic zinc.